Monday, January 18, 2016

The Silver Screen

I roamed around behind the strip mall for few hours to kill time. The light was fading and the parking was way too packed for a holiday. I was extremely anxious as I paced the alley, praying I would get a decent seat. It didn't help the fact that I had to piss like nobody's business. I made my way to the entrance and I stood under the neon marquee, reading the names of the features, basking in cosmic light. As the mega-plex was emptying out people shamelessly starred at my silver jumpsuit, some scoffed. Maybe they felt as if they were too important to celebrate the story that we all came to see played here tonight? I starred right back at them, my special mantra on repeat in my head - 'You are ready, you are present, you are most importantly - relaxed.' I took a step toward the concession stand counter and raised my finger to the illuminated gummy sign. I silently mouthed the sacred words - 'juju bees'. It was time.

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