Friday, January 22, 2016

Honey Love

There was a time when you said I was your one and only. A time when your words blew threw me like a rolling wind. We lived together back then, we had a small shack of an apartment that overlooked a church yard. Most nights we'd sleep on the kitchen floor - you always insisted that it was the most spiritual place in the house. I guess it was because of the way the sun shone in bright and clean in the mornings and how that pale yellow moonlight lit up the lamented flooring at night. I figured someday it would all end - and you couldn't have made it anymore crystal clear - as you went out that cold November morning to get a carton of milk and never came back. I knew then that it was truly over. A few hours later I followed after you - thinking to myself that you'd always been a little bit too good for this world.

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