Friday, January 22, 2016

Honey Love

There was a time when you said I was your one and only. A time when your words blew threw me like a rolling wind. We lived together back then, we had a small shack of an apartment that overlooked a church yard. Most nights we'd sleep on the kitchen floor - you always insisted that it was the most spiritual place in the house. I guess it was because of the way the sun shone in bright and clean in the mornings and the pale moonlight lit up the lamented flooring on most nights. After a few months, the time finally came when I knew it was over. You couldn't have made it anymore crystal clear as you went out to get a carton of milk and never came back. A few hours later I followed after you - thinking to myself that you'd always been a little bit too good for this world.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

From Space Mountain with Love

I can see us looking at each other in the back seat of the Buick on the way to Grove City. You had just ridden on Space Mountain and it had really blown your mind. You droned on and on about the twists and the turns, the breathtaking sound effects and laser show. I pretended to be interested, but I was really smoldering on the inside with jealously. I didn't find it fair that you, a child born into the 'right kind of family' was able to spend your summers at the great national theme parks and enjoy all of their amusements - while I had to shovel shit 24/7 at Jenson's county farm until school kicked back into session. It just didn't seem fair.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Inheritance

The chainsaw I inherited from grandfather felt smooth and powerful in my hands. It's weight was surprisingly light. The old man must have had a real time with this machine. I could picture him in his sleeveless t-shirt - a yellow bandanna covering his sweaty face as he sliced deep into the great sycamores of our county. I tried to measure the impact he had had on the people in his life. The wild way he would flail about when he was happy. It reminded me of a naive school girl. His giddy high pitched laugh, his bashful blush when complimented, his slack hands fluttering like a baby bird. Most people will recall his enchanting gait - the effortless mince as he carried himself about on his daily errands to town. But the one thing I will always hold on to, the one thing that keeps me in awe - was his unapologetic hatred of all written words and his complete dismissal of any hard facts or 'devil's science' as he liked to call it.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Silver Screen

I roamed around behind the strip mall for few hours to kill time. The light was fading and the parking was way too packed for a holiday. I was extremely anxious as I paced the alley, praying I would get a decent seat. It didn't help the fact that I had to piss like nobody's business. I made my way to the entrance and I stood under the neon marquee, reading the names of the features, basking in cosmic light. As the mega-plex was emptying out people shamelessly starred at my silver jumpsuit, some scoffed. Maybe they felt as if they were too important to celebrate the story that we all came to see played here tonight? I starred right back at them, my special mantra on repeat in my head - 'You are ready, you are present, you are most importantly - relaxed.' I took a step toward the concession stand counter and raised my finger to the illuminated gummy sign. I silently mouthed the sacred words - 'juju bees'. It was time.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Further Dictation

The limo dropped me off at Arlington square and I walked over to Horton park with sky-high hopes.  As I walked I thought about my dear companions. Some of them can confuse and surprise me in alternating breaths.  They all seem to be dancing down the great conga line to nowhere. I cannot tell if they are enjoying the ride, or just happy to be seen strutting their stuff in the sweet soul train of life. I will tell myself it is the latter, although I really have no idea. I often wait until they aren't looking to do my deepest detective work. Going unnoticed I analyze their expressions and movements. The slight twitch of the jaw, the inflection with which they pronounce their dinner orders. All of these 'observations' go into my data journal. They are later dictated into my tape recorder for further analysis. It is then and only then that they will placed in my archives - which I can tell you are very well organized.  

Garden Party

The well diggers arrived just in time for egg salad and sweetened lemonade. We set up lunch under the great oak tree near Norma's memorial stone. The day was fresh with jasmine dancing upon the whispering winds. The roads to town had recently opened, allowing the mail and other deliveries to arrive as normal.  Everyone was having a remarkable time. Even old Merl, who can be so humdrum about these sorts of things. Mrs. Gallager brought her famous fig pudding for all to enjoy, and enjoy we did. Friedrick was doing his famous impressions for the workmen when all of a sudden a flash of lightning and the roar of mighty thunder startled us all. The sky opened up to a hellfire red and I can vividly recall the gnawing terror as those dark grey rains came crashing down upon the scene. Oh how I will never forget the expression on the face of sweet cousin Alphonse as he ran for shelter. I still see the tears in his eyes as he slipped and fuddled about in the muck. He lay shivering as I ran to his aid. Fate came crashing around us as I cradled the young boy, praying to the heavens to cease this relentless barrage. It must have rained for the better part of the afternoon for the next thing I remember was waking up alone with my clothes in tatters and my mind a complete mess. Thus putting an end to our one time glorious and very much unexpected garden party. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Cutting Loose on the Road to Freedom

Dear Jimothy watched in wonder as the lazy sky opened up to a fresh crispy blue. Fragrant sea air floated like soft mist from the nearby coast. He felt the sun's warmth on his skin for the first time in many months. He felt the rush of his thick northern blood pulse through his temples as he thought of Melinda and the cult she had once tried to get him to join. He remembered her brittle little words and how she was always chasing down a new 'head change'. It always seemed that she just couldn't get things right, or maybe she just didn't want to. It wasn't impossible, it just wasn't in her nature. It was her desire to live an "abnormal life" - and that very desire drew her away from most folks. Especially the ones who loved her. Up until now he had never really thought too much about it. Maybe the sea air had helped clear his mind; helped put things into perspective. Back east there were just so many unanswered questions, so many things left to wonder. He lost count of the number of times that the voices in his head told him to go off and do wild things. The same contradictory voices that told him everything was going to be alright. They mocked his calculated movements and would often times suggest that at any given moment, he was most certainly going to go totally ape-shit.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Oh These Princely Robes

Oh dear god grant me wisdom. All of these princely robes make it challenging for me to select the perfect one for the royal feast. I pray that my fine garments will please the court, as I really need to shine this time around. Oh yes, I will do my best dance and prance about in my princely robes. The guests will raise their glasses and marvel in delight as a move and gyrate about the throne room. So let’s just say that when it comes to royal banquets and styles that some guys just ‘get it’, and I am one of those guys.