Thursday, March 13, 2014

Further Dictation

The limo dropped me off at Arlington square and I walked over to Horton park with sky-high hopes.  As I walked I thought about my dear companions. Some of them can confuse and surprise me in alternating breaths.  They all seem to be dancing down the great conga line to nowhere. I cannot tell if they are enjoying the ride, or just happy to be seen strutting their stuff in the sweet soul train of life. I will tell myself it is the latter, although I really have no idea. I often wait until they aren't looking to do my deepest detective work. Going unnoticed I analyze their expressions and movements. The slight twitch of the jaw, the inflection with which they pronounce their dinner orders. All of these 'observations' go into my data journal. They are later dictated into my tape recorder for further analysis. It is then and only then that they will be placed in my archives - which I can tell you are very well organized.  

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