Thursday, March 13, 2014

Garden Party

The well diggers arrived just in time for egg salad and sweetened lemonade. We set up lunch under the great oak tree near Norma's memorial stone. The day was fresh with jasmine dancing upon the whispering winds. The roads to town had recently opened, allowing the mail and other deliveries to arrive as normal.  Everyone was having a remarkable time. Even old Merl, who can be so humdrum about these sorts of things. Mrs. Gallager brought her famous fig pudding for all to enjoy, and enjoy we did. Friedrick was doing his famous impressions for the workmen when all of a sudden a flash of lightning and the roar of mighty thunder startled us all. The sky opened up to a hellfire red and I can vividly recall the gnawing terror as those dark grey rains came crashing down upon the scene. Oh how I will never forget the expression on the face of sweet cousin Alphonse as he ran for shelter. I still see the tears in his eyes as he slipped and fuddled about in the muck. He lay shivering as I ran to his aid. Fate came crashing around us as I cradled the young boy, praying to the heavens to cease this relentless barrage. It must have rained for the better part of the afternoon for the next thing I remember was waking up alone with my clothes in tatters and my mind a complete mess. Thus putting an end to our one time glorious and very much unexpected garden party. 

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