Monday, September 20, 2010


I crept downstairs to mothers pantry and took up a slice of cake from the crisper. Mother kept two kinds of cake in there - and I always choose the white cake, the one with the sweet frost.
I inhaled the massive slice in one bite straight to the face. Crumbs and strawberry frosting fell upon my white t-shirt and denim blues... but I did not care. You see I was primed and ready to roll.

As I sauntered towards the front door I stopped in front of the hallway mirror. For a moment I studied the lines around my eyes, before rapidly running a plastic comb through my jet black hair. The days had grown shorter, and somewhere deep within my zigzagged mind it made me wonder which one of my seven pets would be the first to die.
Regardless, I was satisfied with my work, so I popped the collar on my shiny black leather jacket and stepped out into the night air - thicker than hog shit and hot to trot.

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